Get to the Root of Your Health Concerns

Get to the Root of Your Health Concerns

Come to us for lab testing in Horizon City, TX

How can you receive treatment if no one knows what the problem is? You need answers before you begin a new health regimen. St. Andrews Family Medicine Clinic provides them through lab testing. Our family doctor and her team are dedicated to accurately diagnosing patients in Horizon City, TX. You can trust our results and recommendations.

For more information, you can call 915-845-7300.

The answers you need when you need them

Are you coming in for a pregnancy test? Maybe you want to see if your sore throat is a sign of strep or your fever is a symptom of the flu. You'll get accurate answers quickly from us. That's because our lab testing is performed in-house. We provide everything from basic urinalysis to H. Pylori checks.

Make an appointment for testing with a family doctor in Horizon City, TX today. Se habla español.