Taking Care of Every Patient's Health Problems

Taking Care of Every Patient's Health Problems

Turn to us for injury care in Horizon City, TX

Just because an injury or health issue doesn't require extensive treatment, doesn't mean you want an amateur taking care of the issue. At St. Andrews Family Medicine Clinic, you'll work directly with our Spanish- and English-speaking bilingual doctor and her team. We provide acute and minor injury care in Horizon City, TX. You'll get attentive care from friendly professionals.

When you need injury care, visit St. Andrews Family Medicine Clinic. We'll make sure that you always feel comfortable in our office.

Every procedure is completed with care

You don't have to have a health emergency to visit our office. We also perform minor procedures. Our bilingual doctor and her team can handle:

  • Incisions and draining
  • Casts and splints
  • Sutures
We'll assess your injury or illness and provide sound recommendations. If you need a minor procedure, we'll complete it efficiently to prevent complications or future issues. Meet with our doctor in Horizon City, TX today by visiting our health clinic.